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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Dragon on the Bullet

3708.9 on departure
Friday being the second Father Peter's Friday of the season and not wanting to repeat the beating of riding out to Dixie I headed out to ride the Dragon as soon as I got home and got changed to get on the road.

I took the regular run up Goshen to Garrett Mills and across the West Chester Pike to 926.  On the way out, because it was Friday after lunch time, the traffic was fairly light and I had big stretches of the road to myself.  I hit the red at 926 and 322/202, there I noticed a sign on my side of the road that said "The English Car" with an Union Jack for a background but no other information.  I scanned the area as best I could but could not find any other clue as to what that was about.

I hit the turn at Creek Road and decided to stop at the Sunoco on Route 1 because, once again, I could not remember when I had fueled up last.  I was pretty sure that I could make the run all the way without a refuel and I was really enjoying the twists on Creek before Rt 1 but there's no profit in the risk of running out of gas, specially on a loop like this where there is no other fuel until you reach Kennett Square.

3728.9 at refuel
At the Sunoco, the odo read 3728.9 and the tank took 1.886 gallons at $3.099 per gallon for $5.84.  Since the last refuel I've put 115.4 miles on the odo for 61.18 mpg on this tank.

From there I continued the loop.  The twists are still as much fun as I remember and with the added boost from the Power Commander the Bullet handled them even better than I remember.  I don't push them or go kamikaze crazy like the youngsters on the sports bikes but I still enjoying pushing then envelop a little.

The run out to Kennett Square was mostly solitary with very light traffic, if any, on most of the road.  I don't believe I saw another bike going in the opposite direction on this portion of the run.  Once in Kennett Square I accomplished the impossible, I was able to get across State Street without having to stop for the light.

The traffic from there began to pick up and got to the heaviest in 926 right before 322/202 and out to 352.  From there it lightened up again all the way home.

A fantabulous (you can tell I'm listening to Van Morrison radio on Pandora) way to spend a Friday afternoon when one doesn't have to go work.  When my friend Phillip comes to visit in July, we are doing this run.

I got back home almost two and a half hours after departure with 3771.1 miles on the odo for 62.2 miles on this run.  That's a smidgen over a gallon of gas but well worth it at $3.09 for Ultra.  Much more enjoyable than the Century I pulled the Friday before.  Next Friday, if the Parcae allow, I plan on running out to Kennett Square and turning around there to reverse the route and catch both sides of the twists.  May it be their will.

Refueling at the Sunoco on Route 1

3771 at return for 62.2 miles on the run

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