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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Maseratis, Oldsmobiles, and Teslas.

On departure 3442.3 at 18:22
Yesterday after work I took the Bullet out for a couple of errands and then a short ride.  I also used the Bullet to commute to work and on the way back, as I was making a right onto Darby-Paoli Rd from Godfrey, I saw a black convertible Maserati making the left from Darby-Paoli onto Godfrey.  I took my regular commute route out in the morning but in the afternoon I came back via Ithan Rd to avoid the congestion at Spring Mill and 30.  I've been doing this route in the afternoons for the last couple of weeks and I think it will become my regular.  The ride down Ithan is definitely much more enjoyable than Spring Mill/Sproul ever was.

I had to go to the pharmacy in Newtown Square and after that I went by AC Moore to get some more paint for the MG TC model I've been building.  I'm getting close to finishing it.  At the parking lot of AC Moore I pulled up to a guy in a pick-up truck who thought the Bullet was an original.  I gave him the elevator speech about Royal Enfield and he was just dumbfounded that they still made the things.  It's always nice to talk to people that are interested in the old bikes.

When I left AC Moore, as I turned left onto the West Chester Pike from Springfield Rd, there was a 1950s convertible red and white Oldsmobile waiting to make a left from the Pike onto Ann St.  I thought I might have seen it at the show on Sunday but on looking back at the photos that I took I did not see anything like it.  It might have been there but I doubt that I didn't take a picture of it if it was.

I headed out the Pike to 252 and took that to Goshen.  I followed Goshen/Strasburg to the Citadel bank at the end of the road, used that as a turn around point, and headed back home on a reverse route.  When I reached Providence Rd, there was a purple exotic headed in the opposite direction on Goshen.  The emblem looked like the Bentley spread wings emblem but it certainly did not look like a Bentley.  It was a low slung, two seater, sportster more in the look of an Italian exotic.  It'll go in the tally as an unknown.

This was just a short ride so as not to waste the day.  The road conditions have been improved dramatically over the last three or four weeks.  There are very few pot holes left and that made the ride much more enjoyable.  Because of the lateness of the hour there was not much traffic either so it allowed my to have the road mostly to myself.  I had no issues on the ride but on the way out to the pharmacy on 252 I lost power and I had a similar issue on the way home on county line road.  I've scheduled the 3K mile maintenance for June 4th and I will definitely have that kickstand switch disconnected then.

On the way home for lunch this afternoon, I saw a white Tesla on Darby-Paoli just after the Godfrey turn.  When I left the house yesterday afternoon the odo read 3442.3 and on return 3468.6 for 26.3 miles on this ride.

The exotic tally stands at 11 Ferraris, 11 Teslas, 9 Maseratis, 3 Cobras, 2 Bentleys, 2 McLarens,  2 Austin-Healeys, 2 Lambos, 2 Unknowns,1 Rolls Royce, and 1 DeLorean.

The classic car tally is now three Nash Metropolitans, three 1950s Jags, one MGA, one Hot Rod, one 1950s Chrysler, one 1950s Oldsmobile, one 1950's Plymouth, one Karmann Ghia, and one Ford Model A.

On return 3468.6 at 19:34

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