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Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial Day Ride

Fellini Café, Chadds Ford
Since the emergency brake had decided to let go by Monday morning we took the MG out for another spin.

We headed out to an estate sale in Ardmore at around 10:00.  We had to take a run around the West Chester Pike because Ardmore was having its Memorial Day Parade that morning.  The sale was supposed to have some motorcycle things but other than some Harley memorabilia there was not really very much motorcycle stuff there.

From the estate sale we got back on the Pike and headed out to 926.  Charlene wanted to go to the other antique mall on Route 1 that we had missed on our previous ride on Saturday.  So we took 926 and headed towards Chadds Ford.  When we got to Creek Rd we were so busy chatting and enjoying the ride that I just blew by the intersection and kept going.  I realized once I crossed over the Brandywine in Pocopson that I had overshot so I turned around at the old train station turned into a veterinarian's and headed back to Creek Road.

We followed Creek to Route 1 and then took the right towards Chadds Ford Winery where the antique mall is located.  That portion of one is a divided highway so I had to overshoot and turn around to get to the parking lot.  Once there we milled about, we were in luck because the downstairs portion was open which has been very rare in our previous visits.  There are a couple of dealers in the downstairs that specialize in militaria and in one of those stalls I found an Armed Forces Germany plate that I wanted to buy to put on Montse.  Of course, that particular dealer was not there so I had the desk lady call him and ask a price because, as is usual with anything I want in these places, this was the only thing that was not marked.  He had a range of plates from $8.00 to $12.00 dollars and I would have paid the $12.00 without blinking an eye.  When the lady got the dealer on the phone he asked me to make an offer and I said $10.00, shooting for the middle and knowing he would probably counter with $12.00.  Well he countered with $15.00 which annoyed me enough not to play the game.  Sometimes these antique dealers can really annoy the living dog out of me.

Charlene in the Café
Charlene bought a couple of little things and we headed back to Creek Rd and 1 to stop at the Fellini Café catty corner from Hank's Place.  What a nice surprise!  The food was just amazing and the portions were incredibly generous.  The decor is really over the top and it was the first thing Charlene commented on but I don't care if the food is good and it was fantastic.  We and a couple of older ladies were the only ones there and I could not help but think about all those people standing in line at Hank's.  We will definitely come back to this place.  The have a breakfast and lunch buffet which was not available during our visit because of the holiday but I will like to come back for that.

After dinner we just headed back home via Creek, 926, and Garretts Mill to Goshen.  It was another fabulous day with great weather and a fun ride.  There was no issues with the brakes but then again I did not set the parking brake at any time.      

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