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Friday, May 30, 2014

Father Peter's Fridays

Luckily for me, I work at an enlightened and progressive institution where employees get Friday afternoons off during the summer.  We call these occasions Father Peter's Fridays because he is the one that initiated the policy of time off on Summer Fridays.  That means ride time!

This afternoon I put into the effect the ride I had planned for a couple of days ago when the rain put a stop to it.  The ride took me to West Chester via Goshen/Strasburg and the West Chester Pike.  Goshen can only be reached by going around Sawmill Rd. and 252 because Goshen, east of 252, is still under construction.  The Goshen/Strasburg run was incredible, great weather, very little traffic, and those nice rolling hills.  On reaching the intersection of Strasburg and the Pike I pulled into the Sunoco station to gas up.  At that point the odo was at 361.7 miles and I only needed a little over a gallon and a half to fill up.  With a calculated range of 200 miles, the next fill up won't need to happen until the odo reaches 561.

From the station I followed the Pike into downtown West Chester where I turned around on High Street.  On the way back I did not follow the Pike back to Strasburg but took the Paoli Pike instead.  That section of the Paoli Pike between West Chester and Sugartown Rd. is heavily traveled and not an interesting ride because it has quite a bit of traffic.  Past Sugartown it is a little more interesting.  From there I followed part of my Sugartown loop to Devon and Darby Roads and to 252.  I did a couple of errands on this ride, went to the vets office and to the pharmacy and then home.

Great ride, the bike keeps doing what it's supposed to be doing.  Push it a little harder now that we are past the 300 mile mark but did not push it much.  Everything ran like clockwork, I did have a couple of false neutrals again and I guess this is one of the things about this transmission.  It's getting to where I can feel the shift better so the false neutrals, when they happen, are not a big surprise.  The port mirror appears to have finally settled in, no big shakes and it stayed in place throughout the ride.  At the end of the trip the odo read 384.2 miles.

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