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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Uncle Sam's Motorcycle Club

USMC Eagle, Globe, and Anchor
Got this awesome reflective Eagle, Globe, and Anchor helmet sticker from nick_angelo on eBay.  Originally intended to put it on the back of my helmet but, because my helmet is not evenly smooth and has a silver/white reflective pattern on black overall, the sticker did not fit very well with my helmet scheme. I thought the EGA would not standout despite its reflective nature.  Part of the idea was to highlight my membership in Uncle Sam's Motorcycle Club (aka Uncle Sam's Misguided Children) and having the emblem get lost in the design scheme of the helmet seemed counter productive.

USMC Eagle, Globe, and Anchor
After a little thought the sticker ended up affixed to the rear fender between the seat and the rear number plate.  It fit there perfectly and it still serves both its intended purposes, reflection and affiliation.  I am not much for putting stickers all over my vehicles but there are always exceptions and this is one of those.

The sticker is incredibly well made, it looks just like official USMC gear and the quality and workmanship are very high.  When you order these you get two for $6.99, with free shipping, and I think they are well worth the money.  nick_angelo has several different designs, they are not all USMC related, and I recommend a visit to his eBay page.  If you liked they way this looked or if you are interested in reflective stickers for your helmet or bike, make sure you check out this seller on eBay.  I liked the sticker so much, I am thinking about getting this one as well.  This is a completely unsolicited endorsement on my part, I was just so impressed with the product I felt I would like to give him a plug.

Semper Fi!

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