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A page listing those motor related things that, maybe, some day, if the Fates allow, might come my way.

Indian Chief - The photo is of a 1939 Indian Chief that I saw at the Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania Show in 2013.  While I've always wanted a classic Indian, I don't think I will ever have one.  But I might eventually get to own a modern iteration of this wonderful, iconic machine.

Can Am Spyder -  I've been wanting one of these since I first saw one cruising the HOV on 395 in Northern Virginia.  The yellow and black 2008 model has to be my favorite but I'd settle for whatever I find.

Royal Enfield Continental GT - This one is doable.  Maybe by next year I will add it on to my very small stable.  If the Fates allow.

Janus Halcyon 50 - A re-imagining of what motorcycles were like a hundred years ago.  Not a copy of anything specific but a modern make of a classic style.  This feels like it would be a ton and a half of fun to ride.  And a a little under $6000 not a bad toy to consider.

Update: So I guess I missed the boat on this one.  It looks like the company is no longer making the 50 and have moved up to a 250.  While the 250 does look bad, I much prefer the Phoenix 250 which has more of the look of a classic 50s-60s café racer.  But for that kind of dough, I might as well go for the Continental with twice the displacement.  Unless I can find a used 50, if such a thing exists, this bear may be off the list.

Euro Retro Inder Side Car - The picture from NOLA Sidecars shows one attached to a Bullet 500.  Do I need any more of an excuse?  One of my uncles had a sidecar on his bike when I was a kid and I thought that was the best thing ever.  At about $3000 with shipping and installation this may be the economical answer to the Can Am Spyder.

Bultaco Rapitán - Bultaco is coming back and I, for one, am glad.  For me the Bultaco brand holds the same nostalgia that Harley-Davidson holds for many Americans.  It is a home grown product, put together by compatriots, and assembled in our own backyard.  How can I not love it, besides, I grew up with these things.  The Rapitán will be an electric model and will be available in 2015.  If it gets off the ground, if it becomes available, if it's affordable, if the Fates allow, this is a machine that I must have.  It is my duty as a patriotic Catalan to support this effort, 'nuff said.

Morgan Three Wheeler - Here is another toy that I have been wanting for awhile.  I think that goes back to the original 1931 Morgan Aero Super Sports I saw at the Luray Caverns Car & Caravan Museum back in the mid 90s.  Surprisingly, they are being made again but at around $43,000 that just is not going to happen.  One can always dream.

Ducati Scrambler Classic - Saw this in a magazine the other way.  Powered by an air/oil cooled, Desmodromic two-valve 803cc "L-"twin fed by EFI through a 50mm throttle body using a six-speed transmission and selling for a little over $8K, this may be the thing to take the place of the Continental in my garage.  I like that it's supposed to be dual purpose, that is has quite a bit more guts than the Continental, and that it's a Ducati.  Maybe this is what will follow the Spyder.

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