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Monday, May 25, 2015

Short Sunday Morning Ride

3599.2 on departure
Sunday morning we had planned to go the Chester County Antique Car Club Show in Kimberton so I got up early to take a short ride in the Bullet and fuel up for the week.

I just intended to go straight up Goshen to the Wawa and I figured since I left the house fairly early I would have the road mostly to myself.  Well it turns out that Sunday morning must have been National Drive Your Pick-up Slow Day.  Soon after crossing 252 I fell in behind a pick-up truck that was hell bent on driving 10 miles under the limit and ride the brakes on every curb.  I couldn't pass him on the left because of the twists and when I had a clear shot there was always someone on the on-coming lane.  So this continued until I got to Grubbs Mill where I made the right to get away.  At that point a Power Ranger in a sports bike blew by me probably as full of impatience as I was.  He should have come my way.

The loop on Grubbs Mill to Warren and the to Providence and Sugartown was mostly deserted.  A great time to enjoy the twists and turns without virtually any traffic to worry about.  Probably the best part of the ride.  Once back on Goshen things had cleared out a little so I was able to enjoy that part out to 352 and then to the Wawa without any more delays.

3613.5 at refuel
When I got to the Wawa the odo read 3613.5 and the tank took 1.875 gallons at $3.319 a gallon for a total of $6.22.  Since the refuel on Friday before the Dixie Run the Bullet had 118 miles on the odo.  That makes for 62.93 mpg on this tank.  The next refuel needs to happen before 3790 miles on the odo.

I took the reverse route back home without the loop out of Goshen only to fall in behind another pick-up truck driving below the speed limit.  When I was making the right onto Goshen, I noticed a red 1960s convertible 'Vette proceeding on 352 past me.  I was just after I made that turn that I got behind the yellow pick-up with the tree trimmings.  I followed this miserable guy all the way out to Old Covered Bridge Rd and then I had that little bit of Goshen free.

Not the greatest ride, except for the loop on Grubbs Mill, but it was just a fuel-up expedition in any case because we wanted to be on the road to the car show by 10:00.  When I got home, the odo read 3623.4 for about 22 miles on this run.

It did add another 'Vette to the count in what is turning out to be the Weekend of the 1960s 'Vette.  The classic car tally is now three Nash Metropolitans, three 1950s Jags, three 1960's 'Vettes, one MGA, one Hot Rod, one 1950s Chrysler, one 1950s Oldsmobile, one 1950's Plymouth, one Karmann Ghia, one 1950s grocery-getter, and one Ford Model A.

3623.4 on return

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