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Friday, May 8, 2015

Replacement Tank - Part III - plus Hubcaps

New Tank
  This morning at 10:00, Jan from Gene's called me to say that the car was ready to be picked up.  I was going into a meeting at the time so at 11:00, when the meeting was over, I asked one of my co-workers to give me a ride to pick it up.

Harold had replaced the tank, adjusted the front and rear brakes, cleaned the oil screen, changed the oil, fixed the head lights by replacing the second fuse from the left, replaced fuel and vacuum hoses, and replaced the sending unit.  All of this plus labor and tax came to $227.77.

He had put $10.00 worth of gas in the tank so I headed out to fill it up and see if the previous leakage problem was solved.  I could have gone to a station on the West Chester Pike but I wanted a little bit of a test ride so I took Sproul up to Bryn Mawr, Darby-Paoli, and Goshen all the way up to Strasburg and 352 to the Wawa at the turn pike.

Refueling at the Wawa - 3353 miles
I stopped there for gas and while gassing up had a couple of guys come over to ask questions and chat about their sports cars.  That's one of the great things about this little car, you get to talk to a lot of people.  Now for the bad thing.  As soon as I filled the tank, gas started spilling out from under the silver cap over the sending unit.  The old tank had some black sealant gunk all over that spot but Harold had not sealed this thing.  I called Jan and she asked me to bring it back over.  On the way back, I just headed down the West Chester Pike straight to Gene's.  The brakes are working great, much stiffer than they have been and with plenty stopping power.  I got it going up to 70mph on the straightaway without any problems.

Black sealant gunk on the sending unit cap
When I got to Gene's Harold took over while I walked over to the Country Squire Diner for a little lunch.  I came back a little less than an hour later and he had sealed the sender unit cap with black gunk and taken 2.5 gallons out of the tank to give the gunk time to seal.  I will let it sit until Sunday and then I will refill it and see what happens.  Harold said to bring it back if it still leaks but I think it will be fine.

From there I headed home to get my truck because the Bullet was still at work and I did not want to have both the Bullet and the MG in the lot.  I will ride the Bullet home after work and then come back and pick up the truck later with my wife.

New MG hubcaps
Before going back to work, I took a couple of seconds to put the MG hubcaps on the MG.  I think they look rather nice.  I still like the original wire hubs that came with the car better but I like these hubcaps well enough and I think I will keep the on for now.  I know it was no big deal to make them but I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out.

Next I'm going to need to wash this thing to get all the yellow pollen off it.  I will have to do that this weekend to be ready for Carlisle.

Tank with black gunk sealant

Close up of new hubcaps

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