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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Headlight Visor and Helmet Lock

Another no ride day, this time not because of weather but because I'm under the weather.  Got some parts in from NField Gear last Thursday and I began my mods to the Bullet.

Headlight Visor

The first mod was the addition of the headlight visor.  This part cost me $19.95 and it was super easy to install.  There is a small phillips had screw at six o'clock on the headlight cowl that retains the cowl in place.  Once you remove that screw all you have to do is fit the visor on to the inside of the cowl, replace the cowl, and replace the screw.  It takes a little bit of trial an error but it's pretty easy to get right.  I like the look of the bike with the visor, it has a more retro feel in my opinion.

Helmet Lock

The second thing that I got from NField Gear was a helmet lock.  This helmet lock is also pretty easy to install.  On the Bullet, all you have to do is decide which side you want the lock on, I went with the port side, then loosen the bolts holding the seat handle on the opposite side and remove the bolts on the installation side of the seat handle bracket.  Position the plate and lock together and then thread the removed blots through and secure the seat handle firmly.  The lock is an OEM part with two keys that look just like the ignition key and it also cost $19.95.  Frankly, I was pretty disappointed with the quality and workmanship on the lock, it looks like really poor quality pot metal that has already begun to oxidize and the paint is flaking everywhere.  The need to secure my helmet, however, outstripped those aesthetic considerations and I installed the lock regardless.

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