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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Riding in Minneapolis - Not

We went to Minneapolis to visit my son for the 4th of July and my son and I had made plans to riding during our visit.  Unfortunately, my son's bike was in the shop and with the ever present unexpected complications they did not have it ready to be picked up on Friday.  The last minute back up plan was to see if we could rent a bike from a local place on Friday.

I tried to contact Eagle Rider in Minneapolis but every time the rental guy was unavailable or some other nonsense.  Eventually we took a drive out to the place, my daughter-in-law and I in their truck and my son following on her motorcycle so if we could get something we could start riding from there.  We got to Eagle Rider around 16:00 and the rental guy was out to lunch!  The other people there were completely un-helpful.  They couldn't say if they had anything available or come up with an answer or solution other than "hang around and wait for the guy to turn up."  All I can say is that the customer service at this place was really very poor.  Not wanting to waste time we just left and went back home.  All I can say i

On the trip back, I rode my daughter-in-law's V-Star 250.  It wasn't much of a ride but it sure reminded me how much fun those little bikes are.  They handle well, are very peppy, and are just plain fun.  I wish I had never sold mine.

Random pic of my son and his family in Minneapolis on the Mississippi River

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