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My name is Vicenç Feliú and I have been interested in motorcycles all my life but I took a long hiatus from motorcycles while other things in life got in the way.  

I remember as a young child, this was in the early sixties, that one of my uncles had a motorcycle with a sidecar that was one of my most favorite things.  I don’t remember the exact brand but I think it might have been a ČZ and I used to love to get rides on that sidecar.  As a youngster, I rode Bultacos, Montesas, Husqvarnas, and Ducatis.  It was an unfortunate episode with a Ducati that put a long pause in my motorcycle riding but, after years of being away, I eventually decided that I wanted to get back on.

I came back to riding through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses, which I strongly encouraged because I learned to ride from my older cousins whose pedagogy was based on “this makes it go, this makes it stop, now be on your way”.  As you can imagine, I had a lot of bad habits to break down.  I must confess that my interest in riding again was really spurred by having lived in Northern Virginia and having to commute into DC for work.  Motorcyclists are allowed to use the HOV lanes in Virginia and I remember sitting in traffic on 395 watching with envy as motorcyclist zipped by on the HOV.  I must admit, however, that once I started riding again the fun of it took over and I regret not having come back to it sooner.

Me on my 2008 V Star 250
I bought a used Yamaha V Star 250 with only a little over 800 miles on it and I really enjoyed that little bike.  However, as predicted by the guy from whom I bought the V Star, I soon wanted to get a something a little bigger.  I have been lusting after an Indian for most of my life, but I don’t think I could honestly justify the expense.  I also wanted something retro and more interesting than just your average bike but I did not want the maintenance commitment that comes with a vintage bike.  Enter the Royal Enfield Bullet.   Being familiar with British bikes I had heard of Royal Enfields, I don’t think I had ever seen one but I definitely knew they existed.  I was not aware that they had been in continuous production in India and that they were still available.  

That changed one day when I was on a drive with my wife and we happened to pass by Kiss Honda in Pottstown, PA.  As we drove down High Street, I noticed a Classic Desert Storm parked in front of the store and I had to go in and see what that was about.   In the store, we met Randy Kiss, the third generation owner, who offered me a test ride.  That was the end of that, loved the bike and decided that I would eventually get one.  It took about a year but eventually I went back and purchased the Bullet 500 that I had seen that day in the showroom.  The rest is in this blog.

The Midget
Originally, the blog was supposed to be nothing more than a record of my journey with my Bullet and, from time to time, of things that interest me.  Then one of my friends gave me his old MG TD Midget replica car because he simply wanted it out of his garage.  For about a second I thought that a blog for that journey would be a good idea but then I woke up.  So here now you will that the "from time to time" has become a regular thing, at least on the topic of the little roadster.  And sometimes you might find somethings that are not even motorcycle or roadster related at at all.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy riding and driving my toys. 

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