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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Carlisle... Not!

Got all packed and rolled down the road to our meeting point with Royal and Billnparts (two guys from the MGTDr forum that were also headed to Carlisle) in Denver, PA, at the Turkey Hill just off the Penna Turnpike, Exit 286.  We got there in just over an hour, at 11:00. with no problems or issues.  Pulled in the lot, talked to the guys for a couple of minutes, and then got ready to roll out.

That's when things started going down the Turkey Hill path.  The MG would not turn over.  There was some juice because the gauges would move but no cranking or anything.  So the guys proposed to give us a push, get to Carlisle, and there see if the pool of VW guys at the show could figure it out.  That sounded that a good plan to me.

They gave us the push, the MG kicked over, and we rolled of the lot to the Turnpike.  We got as far as just the other side of the toll both when the MG died on the roll.  I pulled over to the side of the road as I watch those guides sail on to the west.  Billnparts called in a few minutes and offered to turn around to come help me but that would have been a 44 mile trip all told and I did not see the sense in that.  I told him that they should go on and I would follow if I could.

Called AAA.  They put me in contact with the Turnpike Patrol which turned up in less than five minutes to guard my six and told me the tow would be there in 15 to 20 minutes.  I fooled around with what I could, mainly the fuses, and found the second from the left fuse had burned.  This is the same fuse I had problems with before.  I replaced that but that fuse but that did not do any good so it was just time to wait for the tow.

The tow got there and the driver could do no more than I did so I asked him to tow it back to Gene's.  I talked to Harold and he said he would look at it.  That's were it is now.  Harold said he had to track the problem down and he hopes to have it ready for tomorrow.

Carlisle is off the plate this year.  I will try again next year but I may tow the MG instead of trying to drive.  It's a big disappointment, I really enjoyed meeting those guys in person and was looking forward to meeting the others that would be there but there's nothing to be done.  At least the ride out Denver was nice and enjoyable.

Such is life.

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