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Sunday, May 24, 2015

1920s Hottie

Found in a Chadds Ford antique shop
Saturday morning we took the MG out for a long spin.  We drove about a block down the road before we realized that we were severely under-dressed for the temps so we turned around and geared up.  Not much was needed just an extra layer and gloves.  However, before we got on the road again the parking brake had shot its button off and I had to hunt for it, find it, re-install it, and then we were ready.

We headed up Goshen to Garret Mills and across the Pike for 926 with the intent of doing the Dragon.  As noted before, the road surfaces have been greatly improved so the ride is a lot smoother.  Also, I took the advice of one of my friends from the TDr Forum and lowered the air pressure on the tires from 32 psi all around to 18 psi in front and 24 psi in back.  It is amazing how much just such a simple change has improved the handling and cornering of the little beastie.
On the way out 926 we saw a sign for Thornbury Farms off New Street so on the spur of the moment we took the left onto New St and followed the signs.  It's just a short jaunt to a right fork on to Thornbury Rd and soon after that the farm stand is on the right at the top of a steep dirt driveway.  They have the usual farm stand fare and in addition the have some really good chocolate chip cookies so it is definitely a place to visit from time to time.  They also have an old truck tricked out like Tow Mater and a pretty cool old red tractor.  I also noticed a sign that said the farm was established in 1709 so if that is true, it's pretty impressive.  We got some cookies and sourdough bread and headed back to 926.

Tow Mater

Once on 926 we saw an older red Ferrari and shortly after that a gold 1950s grocery-getter with huge fins.  I did not have time to identify the make of the grocery-getteras I just caught off the corner of my eye because he honked at us.  They were both headed in the opposite direction and soon after that we made the turn onto Creek Rd.  We thought we would stop at Hank's Place and get some lunch but when we pulled in the parking lot the line was out the door so we went with plan B.

Tower and reflections - will try again soon.
We continued on Creek Road out to Kirk and made the turn to link up with 82 and ride that into Kennett Square.  This is without a doubt the best part of this loop.  With the changed tire pressures, the MG handled the twists and hills like a champ.  I used to think sometimes in the tight turns it was like driving a brick but now it really grips the road and grabs the turns in a most satisfying manner.  I slowed down on Kirk for Charlene to take a shot of the tower there but she only had time to snap through the windshield and it did not turn out really well.  I guess that is just an opportunity for a redo.

Multiple sightings Ferrari
Once in Kennet Square we saw a newer red Ferrari which we saw twice more in town.  Once when we were parking on State Street and then later when it was parked on the same street.  We stopped at the Half Moon for lunch.  We had eaten there before and liked it enough to come back.  We had a wild game sampler with buffalo, elk, and venison, alligator gumbo, and a wild mushroom plate.  It was all delicious.  The gumbo wasn't really gumbo but it was good whatever it was.

After lunch we took a little walk in the downtown area and tried La Michoacana Mexican ice cream place.  Not so much.  The chocolate ice cream wasn't very chocolaty at all, it was mostly vanilla and if I wanted vanilla I would have ordered that.  Live and learn.

Once back on the road we took Route 1 north rather than continue to 926 because we want to stop at one of the antique places along the road.  We stopped at Brandywine Rive Antiques, the first place we came upon, we have been there before and they always have some interesting things besides it is in an old barn and I love old barns. It was there that we found the photo of the flapper, or as I like to call her the 1920s hottie.  We both thought she was too cute to pass up so we bought the photo and brought it home with us.  We are framing it and putting it up on our wall somewhere.

After that we continued on 1 north until we hit Creek Rd. and took that to 926.  At the turn onto Creek Road we were passed by a metallic light blue and white stripped 1960s 'Vette.  On 926 I saw a dark grey Bentley just before getting to 352.  We took 352 to the Wawa on the West Chester Pike for a refuel and frozen coffee.  By the time we got to the Wawa we had run 142.7 miles since the last refuel and the odo read 3693.  The tank took 5.532 gallons (taking care not to over-fill) at $3.319 a gallon for a total of $18.36.  Mileage on this tank was 25.79 mpg.

From the Wawa we just headed back down Strasburg/Goshen for the ride home.  No problems, no issues, except that the gas gauge has gone out again.  Maybe this has to do with the same circuit that the horn is on but it doesn't matter, I got the trip odometer and I can figure refuels on that.  Despite the earlier chill, the weather was great and since we were mostly on shady country lanes the sun did not create a big problem.  Much fun was had by all.

The exotic tally stands at 15 Ferraris, 13 Teslas, 9 Maseratis, 4 Bentleys, 3 Cobras, 2 McLarens,  2 Austin-Healeys, 2 Lambos, 2 Unknowns,1 Rolls Royce, and 1 DeLorean.

The classic car tally is now three Nash Metropolitans, three 1950s Jags, two 1960's 'Vettes, one MGA, one Hot Rod, one 1950s Chrysler, one 1950s Oldsmobile, one 1950's Plymouth, one Karmann Ghia, one 1950s grocery-getter, and one Ford Model A.

Tractor at Thronbury Farms

Half Moon Restaraurant

Wild game sampler

Sauteed mushroom plate

Random motorcycle store window display

Downtown Kennett Square

Downtown Kennett Square

3693 at refuel

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