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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chester County Antique Car Show

Chester County Antique Car Show
Sunday morning, after my short ride to refuel the Bullet, we headed out to Kimberton for the Annual Chester County Antique Car Club Show.

We headed up 252 to Darby Rd and followed that to 30 West.  From there we took the right at 29 to Charlestown Rd and followed that to Coldstream Rd.  There we made a left and continued on to Hare Hill Rd for a right.  The turn at Hare Hill Rd is pretty tight and steep and I was glad to have my newly deflated tires to take that that turn on the hill.  Hare Hill runs to Kimberton Rd, where we made another right, and that runs to the downtown area of Kimberton to the Fair Grounds back entrance.  I should have taken 113 and come in that way because we found that entry to the grounds was limited  but we were able to pull into the overflow area and park under a tree.

Jim Mooney's F100
This is a fairly good size show with a huge showing of Mustangs since it appears to be sponsored or related to a Mustang club.  We saw some cars we have seen before, Pepe's 1940 Buick and Jim Mooney's F-100, but there were several that we hadn't seen anywhere else.  There was an Anglia, a couple of Crosleys, and a  a couple turquoise and and white Nash Metropolitans.

The show was not organized like the HCCP shows, cars were parked as they arrived with what appeared to be minor exceptions.  The older cars, early 1900s were all clustered together by the food trucks and, of course, the Mustangs had their own area.  The show was in an open field with not much shade so we didn't stick around long.  We took some pictures, did a once around the showfield, check out the flea market and got out of Dodge.

Pennsylvania Barn on Coldstream Road
 We headed back on a reverse route except that once we got to 30 we took Old Lincoln Highway to Warren and followed that all the way back to Goshen.  We even took the dirt road portion of Warren between Providence and Goshen.  The ride there and back was very picturesque once off the main roads, mostly rolling hills and wooded country with some open valleys.  Next year I would like to make it to this show at an earlier time and come prepared with some umbrellas for shade.

When we reached 252 on Goshen there was a dark metallic blue Maserati that led us all the way home.  That sure is one nice looking car.

The rest of the show pictures are in my Cars Flickr set.

The exotic tally stands at 15 Ferraris, 13 Teslas, 10 Maseratis, 4 Bentleys, 3 Cobras, 2 McLarens,  2 Austin-Healeys, 2 Lambos, 2 Unknowns,1 Rolls Royce, and 1 DeLorean.

Flamin' Anglia

Spirit of Ecstasy

Nash Metropolitan No. 1

Nash Metropolitan No. 2

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