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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May the Fourth Be with You - Battle of Puebla

Llama Farm
Other than the commute to work I didn't ride on May the Fourth because I am in the mist of grading exams and there was just no time.  However on the way to work, after crossing 30 on Spring Mill Rd, I saw an orange convertible Ghia waiting for the light.  I had to record that for the tally.

On the Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla I did make a little time in the afternoon for a quick loop.  My original flight plan was just to ride out to the end of Strasburg and turn around but after crossing 252 I fell in behind two Pennsylvanians that wanted to crawl on their way home.  I flowed with it until Providence but at that decision point they continued on Goshen so I took the ride on Providence for the free road.  I followed that to Warren and made the right.  I've never gone on Warren in this direction and although it makes no sense the hills are a better ride this way.  At Davis I made the right and followed the road to Grubbs Mill Rd.  Again, going in the opposite direction here made for a better ride.  There was a left twist somewhere with a drive way shooting out from it and for a second I wasn't sure which one was the road so I had to do some quick adjustment there but it was fine.

When I got to Llama Farm the pack was in the front pasture.  I have never seen them this close to the road so I had to pull over and take some pictures.  There was one little black cria running around like the devil was behind her and I tried to get some shots but with low light and movement they all came out blurry.

From there I headed back up Goshen to Sugartown and took the Paoli Pike, Devon Rd, Darby Rd, Sugartown, Church loop back home.

Two issues: on the run up Goshen to Sugartown the bike cut out on acceleration in fifth.  I'm getting used to this quirk so I just heeled the kick stand the light came back on the bike fired right back up.  All of that in motion without pulling over.  I felt a great sense of accomplishment at that but I am going to have that switch disconnected at the 3K check at Kiss Honda.  The other issue happened when pulling out of Llama farm.  I tried to kick start the beast but the kick start lever acted as if it was completely disconnected.  This happened once before at work.  I will need to put that on the list to check.

The classic car tally is now three Nash Metropolitans, three 1950s Jag, one MGA, one Hot Rod, one 1950s Chrysler, one 1950's Plymouth, one Karmann Ghia, and one Ford Model A.

Little blurry black cria

More llamas
On departure 3253.9 at 18:35

On return 3278.9 at 19:15

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