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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Short Ride

3171.1 at 18:55
Beyond commuting, this week I haven't ridden the Bullet much.  I did take it on Wednesday at lunch to my appointment with the dentist in Newtown Square and then to pick up my new glasses at the shopping center on 30 accross from the Radnor Hotel.  On my way to pick up the glasses from the dentist's on 352 as I accelerated to make the light at Goshen the Bullet cut out on me.  I pulled to the side, kicked the kick stand with my heel, and it fired up again.  When I make my appointment with Kiss Honda in a couple of weeks for the 3,000 mile check I will ask them to disconnect that stupid switch.  I don't want to say the words, much less write them down, so the gods will see and hear but I can't risk that switch cutting out on me when I might need it.  Lived with it long enough, don't want to tempt the Fates anymore.  Maybe this is way I haven't ridden much.

On Thursday night, I took a short run up Goshen.  At first I intended to go all the way out to where Strasburg runs into the West Chester Pike but I left the house a little late, 18:55, and I only took my sunglasses with me.  That was a tactical mistake, although sunset would not have been until after 20:00, Goshen/Strasburg is pretty wooded in a lot of places and the sun was down below the tree line pretty quickly.  I got as far as Christine Lane and used that as a turn around.

It was a nice ride and I wish I had not run out without my regular glasses.  I would have probably made it all the way to the Pike and back home before true sunset and darkness but risking running blind is not an option.

On the way out the odo read 3171.1 and on return  .  A short ride but enjoyable nonetheless.

3189.6 at 19:28

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