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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Carlisle Prep and Other Adventures

Beauty shot
After a dreary an overcast Saturday morning the afternoon cleared and it was time to get the MG ready for Carlisle.  This was a top to bottom Spring cleaning including the engine.  The whole process started with engine de-greasing and cleaning using Gunk de-greaser and protector.  The de-greasing was easy to do, just remove the air filter, cover the carburetor and distributor cap with plastic bags, spray the Gunk, let it sit for 15 minutes, and hose away.  After applying the protector the engine looked better than I've ever seen it, not pretty but still better.

Then it was the vacuum, wash and wax route, followed by Armor All on the leather and vinyl.  I did not undo the top for this but if we end up going to Carlisle I may have to because the forecast calls for rain on Saturday.  I'll worry about it then.

After I was done with the clean up I wanted to take it out for a spin.  Charlene suggested that we shrink wrap it, put it in a plastic bubble, and push it back in the garage but that might have just been a little ridiculous.  We rolled at around 18:00 with no particular flight plan in mind be we had to stop at the PetSmart to buy His Imperial Highness some food since he was almost running out.  We headed out Malin to the West Chester Pike via James and Ann St.

When we got to the PetSmart I was feeling a little queasy.  I attributed that to the smell of fuel which was still in the car from the leak the previous day.  However when we left the store I was not feeling better and I suggested just going back home.

It all went downhill from there.  On the way back I began losing everything I'd eaten since the night before.  This all happened while moving down the road and projectile vomiting over the side of the car.  Of course, it got all over the running board and the driver's door ruining all the work of the afternoon.  I don't know why I didn't just pull over and get out of the car but when I get sick I lose all ability to reason.  I'm sure it was sight to see.

The vomiting continued for the next two days with other interesting side effects which made me think I might had gotten food poisoning during our jaunt the night before.  Charlene had it as well but not nearly as badly as I did so now we are both pretty puny and might to be going to Carlisle if thing don't improve by tomorrow.  I feel much better now, well enough to go to work, but we'll see how tomorrow turns up.

In the mean time, some more beauty shots of the MG with a cool New Bug in the background.  I liked the juxtaposition of those elements.

New Bug and "Bug"

New Bug and "Bug"

New Bug and "Bug"

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