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Monday, May 4, 2015

Wagner 4415A Amber Fog Light

Wagner Fog Light
Another thing that happened Friday was that the Wagner fog light I ordered came in.  Obviously there was no time to install it on Friday but Saturday after our two rides I had a little time to jack the car up and put this thing on.

The Wagner light is a little thinner and much lighter than the original GE but it fit in place quite nicely without any major problems. I have connected but I want to get back down in there and put in a better connector than the splice and electricians tape I'm using now.  It will have to work until I buy some shrink wrap connectors.

Below is a sequence of photos showing the steps.  The most important one is the last one because as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

GE light - Wagner light

GE light - Wagner light

Assembly with 3 spring clips and retention screw

Placed in the outer ring

Secured with clips

Connected to live

Assembly complete
In place before connection

Ground connected, live to be connected

I think that bar in the front is a sway bar

It's alive!!!!

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