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Friday, May 29, 2015

Parking Brake Issues

Random shot of Montse on Coldstream Rd earlier on Sunday
Early Sunday evening we went out for another spin on the MG to capitalize on the great weather.  We headed out Bishop Hollow Road to Chapel Hill Rd and took that for a spin through that neighborhood and back to Ridley Creek Rd on Feathering Ln.

Once on Ridley Creek we continued all the way out to Rose Tree Rd where we made a left.  The Chrysler is gone from the corner, good thing I got the shot of it when I did.

We followed Rose Tree out to 352.  The hills on Rose Tree were a little strenuous on the MG.  She had to struggle to get up but she handled the twists like a champ.  We stayed on 352 out to 926 where we made the right turn.  At the West Chester Pike we took a right instead of cutting across to Garret Mill because we wanted to go to the Acme on the Pike and 252.

We stopped at the Acme and I set the emergency brake.  When we came out, the brake would not disengage.  I fiddled with it and eventually it let loose but not all the way.  I drove the car the short distance home but I wasn't happy about it.  Once in the garage, I started to look in the manuals to see what I need to do and decided to wait for the morning.  The brake was still engaged, if not all the way, and the brakes were so hot they were smoking.  

On Monday morning the brakes had disengaged for themselves.  I am not going to fool around with them, I just won't set the parking brake again.  When I bring the car in for inspection in September I will have Harold take a look at them and figure out the fix.

Part of the road in Bishop Hollow has been fixed and they were getting ready to continue the work.  The sections that were fixed were in really good condition.  When the road gets completely done it will be a great ride.

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