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Saturday, May 9, 2015

West Chester Evening

Old Glory, West Chester City Hall
When Charlene got home from work last night we went out for a ride and dinner at West Chester.  We took the MG out and headed up Goshen towards Strasburg Rd and the West Chester Pike.  We left shortly after 18:15, the weather was still great but the temps had begun to drop below the 80s of the day.  Still nice enough to need nothing more than a t-shirt.

These damned hubcaps are going to drive me insane.  As we were headed up Goshen by the Liseter development my port-side front broke loose and rolled towards the walking path on the inbound side of the road.  We drove to the nearest turning point which happened to be Echo Valley Lane and turned around to pick it up.  Of course, it was nowhere to be seen.  I continued on to the Goshen Trail parking lot, almost at 252 to turn around because there was no other place and came back to the second entrance to Liseter development and parked there.  Charlene stayed with the car and I walked across to the trail to see if I would have better luck.

As I was scanning the side of the trail a jogger asked me if I was looking for a hubcap.  He said he had seen it face down on the trail but he couldn't remember where in relation to were we were at the time.  I still don't understand how that is possible but I fell in next to him because he thought it might be on the way he was going.  We ran for a little bit, maybe 100 yards, before he was wondering if it was behind us.  So I left him and turn around because I felt that we were already way past the point were the damned thing had come off.  I ran back to were I joined the jogger and continued on for another 50 yards or so and sure enough, there it was face down on the side of the trail.  I picked it up and ran back to the car.  I haven't run this much since I don't know when.

I put the hubcap back on and made extra sure that it was firmly seated before we drove off towards West Chester.  We followed the regular route straight up to downtown West Chester.  Once there we parked at the Wells Fargo parking lot, where they only charge $5.00 to park in the evenings, and went to the Side Bar for dinner.  We had brunch there last year on Father's Day and there was no wait to eat inside to it was a sure bet.  We both had salads which were really great so we can definitely put this place on the rotation.

After dinner we did the passeggiata through downtown which was full of people and very active.  We stopped for gelato, after all what is a passeggiata without gelato, at a place called Gemelli.  I was favorably impressed with the quality of their gelato.  We had gianduia and espresso which were really good mixed together.  After the passeggiata we cruised up Gay Street to New Street and came back down Market Street which eventually turns into the Pike.  On the way up Gay St we were stopped at a light when two young guys just came up to shake our hands and tell us how cool the car was.  I said it before, this thing is an attention magnet.  We came back home following the Pike all the way back to 252.

Other than the stupid mishap with the stupid hubcap it was a great ride.  It's nice to have headlights again and be able to go out after dark.  We want to make the Friday evening ride a thing for the summer so we are putting the West Chester downtown into that schedule because it is an easy ride, there are lots of restaurants, and it is conducive to the passeggiata.

West Chester

West Chester

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