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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Crum Creek at Bishop Hollow Road

Crum Creek at Bishop Hollow Road
I woke up early this morning and took advantage of that to take the Bullet out for a ride.

I had no particular flight plan in mind so I headed up Goshen to see where the road would take me.  Since it was early on a Saturday morning the road was pretty empty and it promised to be a good ride.  Shortly after passing Grubbs Mill Road I noticed a garbage truck out in front of my and I new I did not want to be stuck behind it.  When we reached Providence Rd the truck continued on Goshen and I made a right to avoid it.  There was some activity at the Radnor Hunt Club, it looked that they were setting up for some event but that did not affect the ride.  I continued on to Sugartown and then back to Goshen.

3403.0 at fuel up
From there I continued on up Goshen and I noticed that the odo was getting close to 3402.  I could not remember the last time I fueled up but I did remember having fueled up at 3202 so, as a matter of caution, I took the left at 352 and went to the Wawa.  It turned out that I had only burned .954 gallons since the last fuel up and covered 53.6 miles.  That is 56.18 mpg on this tank, the gas was at $3.279 a gallon, and the refuel cost $3.13.

From there I headed up 352 to Rose Tree Road and followed that to where it meets the end of Bishop Hollow.  That old beat-up  50s Chrysler is still sitting in that yard.  Thought about stopping and getting a photo but by that time I was quite a bit down the road.  I did stop where Bishop Hollow crosses over Crum Creek and got some shots there.

From there I continued on Bishop Hollow and across the West Chester Pike for home.

Bishop Hollow Road in this direction is really good, it mostly climbs from 352 to the Pike and the twists are really noticeable.  This is a ride that I will re-do many times and I know I have to go back to get that photo of the Chrysler.

I left the house at 07:18 with 3381.4 on the odo and returned an hour later with 3420.5 for 39.1 miles on this trip.

Crum Creek at Bishop Hollow Road

3391.4 on departure at 07:18

3420.6 on return at 08:17

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