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Thursday, May 7, 2015

MG Replacement Hubcaps - Part III

The final product 
This afternoon the hubcaps from So Cal Imports got delivered, the MG emblems from Moss Motors had already arrived a couple of days ago so I had all the materials needed to assemble the new hubcaps.

I needed a drill bit to cut metal and some epoxy glue so I took a ride on the Bullet over to the True Value Hardware in Newtown Square and got that stuff there.  I got an 11/32 heavy duty bit which was a little smaller that the shank on the back of the emblem because I was afraid that the 3/8 bit might make a hole that was a little too big.  In reality the 11/32 was just a hair tight so I first drilled with that than and then reamed the hole with the 3/8.  It was just a question of measuring, drilling, and attaching with epoxy.  Over all the whole process of making the hubcaps probably took less than half an hour and I think they came out pretty good.

The car is still at Gene's. I asked Harold to replace the sending unit for the gas tank as well because the gauge fluctuates erratically and I figure since we were replacing the tank we might as well replace that.  The part did not get delivered until late today so when I called Harold said he would have it ready tomorrow.  It's going to be a pain because Charlene works late tomorrow and I'll have to leave the truck there and come back to get it later but that's the breaks.  So, if everything works out, I will install the new hubcaps when I get the car.

Shrink wrapped

In the box

Emblems from Moss Motors

Before drilling


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