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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Replacement Tank - Part II

Shortened spout
Last Tuesday morning I got up early and headed out to Angelo and Son's before work.  The trip had to be made because they had not returned any of my calls since I dropped off the tank at the beginning of the month and I was afraid that they hadn't done anything at all.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the shop open and that they had already cut the spout.  They hadn't finished welding it back together but they promised to have it done later that same day and although I was skeptical I was glad to see a little progress.

Much to my surprised I got a call at work a little after 14:30 saying that the tank was finished and that they would be in the shop until 16:30.  I wasted no time to head out there as soon as possible.

The job looked great and they only charged my $40.00 for it.  They recommended that I put some tank sealer around the inside of the welded joint as an extra precaution which I did this morning.

On my way form from Angelo & Son, I stopped at Gene's and made an appointment with Harold to bring in the car next Tuesday to have the tank installed, the oil changed, the headlights fixed, and get a complete check up before Carlisle.  Harold said he would keep the car for two days but that I should have it back by Wednesday afternoon.

Below I have some photos of the sealing the seam process.

Fuel Tank Repair Epoxy

Bead of epoxy compound

Sealed seam 
Shortened spout


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