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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Replacement Tank - Part IV

3407 miles!
In preparation for the trip to Carlisle, I took the MG to the Gulf station on 252 just past the West Chester Pike.  I wanted to fill up the tank to see if it was still leaking.  The tank took 5.729 gallons at $3.499 per gallon for $20.05.

We had run 53.8 miles since the fill-up last Friday but, since Harold took out 2.5 gallons to fix the leak, I can't calculate the mileage.  The odo was at 3407 at the gas station.

The good news is that on the short trip back home there was no leakage or spillage from the tank so I guess I can call this problem solved for now.  That is good thing because the trip to Carlisle would not have been very enjoyable if I had to stop for fuel every 500 feet.

Below are some shots of the clean engine that I neglected to include with the last post.

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