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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Evening Ride to Exton

Parked next to a Toaster
Friday evening I picked up Charlene from work in the MG and we took a short ride out 30 to Exton.  We went as far as 100, just past the Exton Mall.  There we made a right and continued up 100 a short ways.  By this time I was getting hungry so we pulled over at the TGIFriday's for some appetizers.

After we ate we noticed a TJ Maxx in the strip mall behind the Fridays and I wanted to stop and buy some disposable baseball caps.  I am finding it next to impossible to keep a hat on my head when driving the MG because of the wind, it just tears hat right.  We've had to stop and turn around to pick up a hat more than once and have been lucky up until now with being able to retrieve them all but one never knows when Fortuna will stop smiling.  So the idea is to buy some baseball caps that are inexpensive and that we don't care about so if we lose them, no big. deal.  We found some Adidas caps designed for runners at $9.99 a piece.  These fit tight to the shape of the head, are very light way, and are really adjustable so they can be cinched against the wind.  More importantly, if they fly off, no one cares.  We tried them on the ride back and they worked really well.

Disposable Adidas runner's caps

For the way back we took Old Lincoln Hwy from 30 to Warren and followed Warren to Providence and Goshen.  By this time we were well into the blue hour.  It was a little cooler but it sure was a very enjoyable ride.  We saw some deer on the side of the road on Goshen, luckily they did not bound onto the road.

The ride out wasn't much but the ride back was definitely enjoyable and now that the headlights are working probably will turn into our favorite time to cruise.


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