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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Early Evening Ride

As predicted, because I did not go back to work on the bike it did not rain this afternoon.  It was overcast and cold but not precipitation.  I got home by 6:45 from the range and as soon as that I went out for a ride.  Didn't have a plan to go far, just to do a couple of neighborhood loops before it got dark or it might begin to rain.  I headed out Church to Waterloo and then to Newtown Street Rd to the St David's roundabout.  From there I followed St David's to Harrison where I looped back to Church and then up St. David's back to the roundabout.  Then down Newtown Street Rd in the opposite direction down to Sugartown to Waterloo and then Church to home via Malin.   All in all an easy loop, no more than 60 mph at any point but pushing a little harder than before now that I'm in the second stage of breaking in.  Cold enough for leather but not uncomfortable.  The port mirror is still shaking.  Will try to tighten it further and see what happens.  The starboard mirror is perfect, no shake and no change.

At the end of the loop the odo read 339.2 miles.

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