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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Morning Ride

This is the second "long" ride on the Bullet.  I used it the last couple of days to go to work but that is only a distance of four miles and change each way.

This morning I left the house a little after 9:30 and headed to the spot where Goshen Rd. begins at Darby-Paoli Rd.  That is where Goshen crosses Darby Creek over a short stone bridge.  I followed Goshen all the way from its beginnings to its end (as Strasburg Rd.) at West Chester Pike (Route 3).  This is a nice rolling hill ride through horse farms and country lanes.  Keeping in mind the breaking-in stipulations in the owner's manual, I never went over 50 mph or gave her more than a quarter throttle.  She handled the curves and hills well and I am figuring out the shifting pattern so that it is becoming second nature.  I took the Delchester Rd. curve a little too fast and that was interesting since this bike is heavier than my previous one and inertia really came into effect.  I had to lean her steeply into the turn so as not to push into the oncoming lane but I didn't even scrape the pegs.

On the way back I rode Strasburg to Sugartown Rd. to the Paoli Pike to Devon Rd to Darby Rd and back to Sugartown after crossing 252.  I followed Sugartown to Waterloo Rd and turned north towards Route 30 for the Liberty gas station at 30 and Waterloo.  There I gassed up and returned home via Waterloo and Church Rd.  The ride up to the Paoli Pike was good a clear but once I hit that I started hitting street traffic and wasn't able to move beyond just keeping up with traffic.  The weather was good and clear but I only saw three other bikes on the road.

When I left the house I had 95 and a half miles on the odo when I returned I had around 125 miles.  I can't do math but I figure that is a little under 30 miles worth of ride.

I got some more impressions on the bike that I will put up on another post.

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