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Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Morning Ride

Still not feeling a 100% but definitely feeling a lot better than yesterday.  At around 10:00 I went out for a mid-morning ride.  Basically just headed out West Chester Pike towards West Chester.  It was sunny and clear, traffic was light, and them temps were in the low 60s.  Stopped at the Wawa station on the Pike to fill-up.  Didn't need it as I had only gone 141 miles since the last fill-up but, since I was there, I took advantage of it.  The tank took a little over 2.1 gallons to fill up.  With an safe range of 200 miles I won't have to fill-up again until I hit 463 on the odo.

After the stop at the Sunoco, kept going west on the Pike to downtown West Chester, which was probably less than four miles away.  I turned around and headed back east on the Pike to Strasburg Rd.  Took that back to Goshen.  I made a left on 252 at the intersection with Goshen because of road work in Goshen so I took the Saw Mill Rd loop to home.

Had a stall on the intersection of Ellis Rd and Strasburg.  I figured that I did not shift all the way down to first and tried to start up in second which probably caused the stall.  Worked it out and moved on.  Also had one false neutral between third and fourth close to the Delchester turn.  Though about stopping at the covered bridge to take a picture but decided against it.  I'll make a run down to the bridge soon with my camera to get a good picture.

Pulled into the garage with 282 miles on the odo.

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