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Friday, May 30, 2014

Blue Moon Cycle in Georgia

My friend Phillip sent me a link to Blue Moon Cycle in Georgia because we are both interested in vintage bikes.

Blue Moon Cycle sells and services new BMW, EBR, MV Augusta, Ural, and Royal Enfields.  They are a modern dealership but they also specialize in vintage motorcycles.  At the dealership they maintain a museum display of almost 100 vintage motorcycles and those bikes are not just for display but they are also for sale.  In their website, they maintain a page of vintage bikes for sale.

If you watch the History Channel's American Pickers, you might be familiar with Blue Moon Cycle.  In the Italian Job (Part I) episode Mike buys a Zundapp KS750 from his friend Flavio which he sells over the phone to the owner of Blue Moon Cycles.  In a later episode, Mike's brother delivers the Zundapp to Blue Moon Cycle and they winch it up to the second story museum.

From Blue Moon Cycle site
If you are interested in buying or restoring a vintage bike, this is site is well worth the visit.  I know that looking at their vintage bike page I found more than one bike I would like to own.  I also enjoyed their motorcycle restoration page and their Blue Moon in the Media page.

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