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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Parcae Strike Again

It was my intention to ride out to Brookhaven directly after work this afternoon.  The Parcae, however, had other ideas.  Despite a previous forecast of clear weather the day broke overcast as grey.  I risked riding in to work for the morning commute but the clouds did not break up by noon.  Rode back home for lunch and left the bike there because I knew that if I continued with my plan, the Tria Fata would cause the skies to break open on my head once I was far away enough to not make a difference.  Now that I decided not to ride from work everything will be fine and it won't rain at all.

The morning commute wasn't bad, a little cold for my mesh jacket even with a sweatshirt under it.  Most of the road work on my route has been done but there is a huge lake of loose gravel at the Overbrook Golf Club entrance on Godfrey Road.  That's a tight turn and loose gravel seems to pool down there.   The work on Earle's Lane and Malin Road continues.

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