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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Another Pillion Ride

After just commuting on Monday and today we took a short pillion ride through the neighborhood.  We rode down Darby-Paoli Rd, Church Rd, Waterloo, Devon, Dorset, back to Church and St. David's to Newtown Street Rd (I know, right?  Can it get any more redundant?) to Waterloo by the old mills on Darby Creek and back to Church for the way home.  This ride is twisty and hilly, especially on St. Davids and the portion of Waterloo that lies between Newtown Street Rd and Church Rd.  Despite the fact that there were two of us on the bike it really handled the twists and hills well.  Still keeping to quarter throttle and not pushing it but it is still a lot of fun to ride.  I plan on doing some version of this ride solo soon to see the difference in how it handles.

This ride probably totaled no more than 10 miles and the odometer is clocking 198 now.

Took this photo at work with my phone.  Not the greatest, the sun is reflecting hard off the glass surface of the building and the upper left of the photo is all blown out.  But Lola still looks good.

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