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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Riding in the Rain

I have been sick since the 15th of June and it seems that I will never get better.  The last ride I had before today was a week ago, on Wednesday, 21 June, when I took the bike for my work commute and to get my hair cut in the afternoon.  That day was overcast and it started to rain while I was getting my hair cut so I had to ride home in the rain.

Today I finally felt well enough to ride again so I had planned in taking a trip up Goshen/Strasburg/West Chester Pike all the way up to downtown West Chester.  My plan was to return via the Paoli Pike and Sugartown Road.  Well, all the best laid plans mean nothing when the Parcae decide otherwise.  I headed out at a little after 10:00 under a heavily overcast sky but I imagined that it would not break into rain until after I decided to go out.  I realized that to avoid the construction on Goshen I would have to take Sawmill Road to 252 and that to Goshen, by passing the construction detour.  No sooner had I turned into Sawmill that it started spitting.  At that point, I made a tactical decision to scrub my filed flight plan and turn right on 252 and ride the Waterloo/Saint David's loop for as long as I could.  By the time I hit 252 the spitting had turned into sporadic fat drops so I made a second adjustment to just do the Waterloo to Church Rd loop.

There was construction on the Saint David's roundabout but I got passed that without any problems.  There were also signs for construction on Waterloo but the crews were no where to be seen.  When I turned into Church Rd. the sky got really dark but the spitting seemed to be letting up.  By the Sawmill intersection the rain had almost stopped to so I though I would push it a little further.  That was a big mistake, when I turned into Malin, the sky really opened up and I decided to head home.  The rest of the way was under a heavy downpour.

Felt good to be out and about again although I didn't need the cold shower. The port side mirror was loose so I tighten it up when I got home, will keep and eye on it and see what gives.  This ride put the odo over 300.  I hope that I can get back to racking the miles up to finally break the bike in.  Tomorrow is supposed to be clear.  I plan to ride it in to work and out to my gun club in the evening.

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