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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Running with the Top Up

After I got home from my Bishop Hollow Rd run we took the MG out to do a test on the chrome edging and to see how riding with the top up felt.  I am afraid that the chrome edging will not hold up to road shake but on our short run it stayed in place.

We just ran out Goshen to Garrett Mill and took that to the Pike and did a reverse run to get home.  It was close to 20:00 when we left so although the sun hadn't gone down yet it was beginning to get dark and in the wooded areas it was really dark.  Driving with the top up is a little different, it feels weird not to have a 360 degree view and there are some serious blind spots at 5 and 7 o'clock that the mirrors just don't cover.

Obstinate goose
When we passed the Red Barn the white goose that has chased me before was there sitting on the side of the road.  Of course, he was camera shy and refused to let Charlene take his picture but at least we got him despite his refusal.  We stopped at Garrett Mill Park where I checked the chrome and snapped a couple of shots of the MG.  That was our turn around point.

It was a great ride, the chrome stayed on, and having the top up did not kill me.  I will try to get the rest of the car's edge chromed because it does look much better and maybe I won't regret the effort and lost time.

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