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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Morning at the Office

It has been quite a while since I've taken a decent ride on the Bullet.  Unfortunately, this weekend did not afford me much of an opportunity to remedy that situation.  Saturday it rained all day, sometimes hard, sometimes barely at all, but it rained all day.  This morning broke blue and clear with very nice temps and very little humidity.  The Bullet was almost dry and I needed to go to the office for a little while so I left the house shortly before 10;00 and headed to my favorite refueling spot at the Wawa on the end of the Goshen loop.

The ride there and back was smooth and enjoyable and, since I had to go to the office, I continued on Goshen all to way to its end on the Darby Paoli Rd.  There, just after crossing the bridge on Darby Creek, I took the right to Roberts Lane where I made a left to Sproul.  I took Sproul to a right at Cove and that to a left on Ithan all the way to County Line Rd and my office.  This is the first time I've done this run on this direction since I mostly use this route to come home from work but I've never used it to go to work.  There was still quite a bit of debris on the road from the last two storms we have had and the twists and turns on Ithan are a little more challenging in this direction since they are mostly uphill.  I am pretty sure this will not become my regular commute to work but it will be another nice loop to try on weekends.

When I left the office blue had turned to cloudy so I just took the Spring Mill/Sproul/Godfrey route to get back home.

When I left the house I had 4214 miles on the odo, with just enough gas to get the Wawa.  At the gas station the odo read 4224.6 and the tank took 2.419 gallons of premium at $3.159 a gallon for a total of $7.64.  Since the last refuel I put in 149 miles on the Bullet, running almost to my safety line, for a mileage of 61.59 mpg.

At refuel
Sunday morning at the office I can park wherever I like

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