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Friday, July 3, 2015

Body Trim and Chrome Edging

Wednesday evening we put the top down and took a short drive up Goshen to the Wawa to get a frozen coffee and just to do a little bit of a ride.  From the Wawa we came back home via Sugartown/Paoli Pike/Darby/Devon and Church.  We also did a couple of loops on St Davids and Waterloo before returning home.

Weather was beautiful with nice temps and light cloud cover.  We had no incidents or problems and there was little traffic to contend with.

When we got home I found the package from Brandsport.  I thought I had ordered 10 feet because their internet copy said that it came in 5 foot lengths but they sell in 1 foot units so I ended up with 2 feet which is what I needed for the missing strip.  So I put it on the missing space and I won't replace the rest.  It's not identical but it's close enough that unless one is looking it is not really noticeable.

Also I put the edging on both rear fenders now the only thing left is to put it on the front port side fender.  I may look for different edging to see if I can get something to cover the rear fenders completely because now all I can do is cover the wheel wells due to the thinness of the edging.

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